Iron Wok The Iron Wok Chinese Restaurant was created after the universal Feng Shui concept- the search for harmony in the delicate balance of the five essential elements of life- fire, water, wood, earth, metal. They believe in creating the same harmony and balance in the preparation of their cuisine. Their chefs masterfully blend the finest earthly ingredients using the iron wok with the fire and water elements achieving the most harmonious flavors and textures. At Iron Wok Chinese Restaurant, harmony is achieved by balancing the perfect meal with impeccable service. By enjoying The Iron Wok Chinese Restaurant on your own turf, thanks to Eat24Hours ease of online food ordering for delivery, you can relax, enjoy the experience of authentic Chinese cuisine, and be with the people that are important to you. The Iron Wok Chinese Restaurant offers alluring appetizers, and delicious entrees, that are` masterfully prepared with earthly ingredients in the iron wok as well as soups, House Specials, Poultry, Pork, Beef, Seafood, Vegetables, Noodles, rice and party platters just on their Chinese Menu. Then on their Japanese menu, they offer deliverable to your door, appetizers, Sashimi appetizers, as well as Sashimi plates, Nigiri Sushi, Maki Mono, as well as Vegetarian, Spicy, and Special Maki, But that is not all. Also offered on the Japanese menu are Temaki, Udons, Sushi Dinners, dinner entrees, as well as Japanese Party Platters as well. When you need a little harmony brought back into your life, give The Iron Wok Chinese Restaurant a click. Order Online Payment Options